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This repo contains our reading materials and notes for a journal club on research that I started in UC with my students and colleagues.

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About the Journal Club

Welcome to the UC School of Health Sciences study group and preprint journal club! We will meet weekly on Tuesday mornings and run a preprint journal club. In course of our discussions, we will share our insights, and our research. If we write preprints, we will share them here and discuss them as well.

Why do we need a preprint journal club?

Preprints are research articles that are ready for submission to journal articles (and in some cases submitted to the journals for publishing), but these versions have not undergone peer-review yet. These versions are made available by their authors in their full text versions in repositories where anyone can read them and comment on them. For a review of preprint articles and what they are, see this article by Hindle and Saderi. Hindle and Saderi (2016) write,

Preprints not only have benefits in bringing the most up-to-date research to the whole web within days of submission, but they also provide an invaluable opportunity for early career researchers to develop their skills at critically reviewing scientific manuscripts.

Journal clubs provide that opportunity to develop the skills and practice. In our journal club, we will meet for an hour every week. One week before our meeting, you will download and critically read a paper. In the journal club, we will post our critiques on the aritcle. We will then summarise our discussions and post them to a public domain and alert the authors. In the following we have detailed the process.

You can get preprints from the following preprint sources:

Setting up a Journal Club

The goal of this project is to set up a journal club at the University of Canterbury’s School of Health Sciences. Here are the principles for joining and contributing to the journal club. Anyone can join the journal club.

The timing and venue of the journal club

  1. We will organise the journal club every two weeks on Tuesday mornings (~ 10:30 AM) and we will run for an hour (10:30 - 11:30 AM).
  2. We will identify one “pre-print article” (see below) a week in advance and we will post the link to this page.
  3. The meeting venue and topic will be available on the list of topics for discussion
  4. Everyone is welcome to attend the journal club.

Rules/Steps of the journal club

  1. Please sign up at
  2. Send an email to with your email that you used to sign up for Authorea.
  3. Download the article posted, read it, review it, and attend the journal club on Tuesday 10-11 AM at Waimairi 106.
  4. After the journal club, within three days, write a review of the preprint using the following guidelines. The preprints will be archived in Preprint JC

Guidelines of how to write a review of the preprint article

Follow the questions and instructions in the following article to both conduct the review as well as writing the post-meeting review of the article:

Guideline as to how to write the post-meeting review of the preprint

List of Papers for discussion here